Sparking's business focus are the safety assessments in conjunction with the practical development of specific products. We have tested thousands of systems and applications in all kinds of configurations, from simple to complex, including web banking systems, payment systems, systems like single sign-on, back-end systems, and external third party systems.
Our activity is directed to the state business sectors, private and banking, and has been developed in the Portuguese market in Africa and Europe.
Every year, we carried out several projects, from simple testing systems and small-scale applications as well as massive security analysis against systems and multiple applications, and even specific consulting activities.
The test methodology that we apply is complete and differs from existing, enabling our consultants to carry out all the tests with accuracy and high level of quality, regardless of the scientific test scope and complexity.
All our processes are subject to strict control and management system which ensures the highest level of quality at each stage of our intervention.
With us, the lessons learned from our experience become your experience.

PCI Compliance
The area of PCI Compliance services is another of our core areas, we offer consulting services and audits to companies, national or international, which is required to PCI Compliance for that can handle card data. Apart from consulting, we provide internal and external intrusion testing, as well as ASV scans.

Broad experience in the market
Our consultants on security have extensive experience accumulated in tests performed in this area, and most of them have closely followed the major threats combined with the technological changes of the last seven years.

A strong and experienced team
Once we have a unique and remarkable experience in knowledge and different realities, we managed to attract top-level safety tests consultants. Hence the area of training is in intrinsically natural: we draw and minister, any type of training, applied or directed to specific group targets.
This is our recipe for success.