Our focus is on quality!
We work continuously to ensure the highest quality in our work execution:

  • We guarantee the existence of at least two consultants with the necessary expertise in each task performed;
  • If the customer asks us about the resolution of a task for which we have no power to implement, we do not inhibit to decline it;
  • We work with the most comprehensive methodologies in our safety tests, and our consultants are supported by a test management system, which includes detailed test cases and task lists;
  • Each project is submitted to a quality analysis performed by an external consultant, which allows for a third party to analyze the results;
  • A partilha de conhecimento é parte integral do nosso dia a dia e sedimenta-se na realização de reuniões de equipa - formais e informais, revisões pelos pares, participação em conferências internacionais e ainda através do nosso WIKI. The knowledge sharing is an integral part of our daily tasks and settles on holding team meetings - formal and informal, peer reviews, international conferences participation and also through our WIKI.