Mission / Vision

Combining knowledge to the ability to knowing how to do
We are experts in evaluating critical IT solutions security. We control the risk level, while developing specific products and provide greater protection against threats in security and ensuring the tranquility needed to use your IT solutions.
We offer in a complementary way, a complete set of business addressed safety tests, as well as security and resilience assessments. In addition, we have security-oriented solutions for credit cards adherents to international standard PCI, developed by VISA, MasterCard and other international payment systems.

We understand that the security implies constantly alert and curious observation and we are pride in the commitment we make to the continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skills that allow us to be prepared to address the threats that your business will eventually face. We adopted constantly a constructive questioning attitude and we may ask you about how you currently see IT security. We aim to raise your business to a level of security that allows you to develop it with confidence (security and reliability).0

We communicate clearly
Despite consider ourselves competent within the technical point of view, we try to use an accessible language and try to exemplify the problems as they effectively occur in practice. At the same time, the reports we produce are written clearly and with simple practical implementation.
We differentiate ourselves from other security analysts by combining broad spectrum of testing methodologies with high professional competence, which translates into the ability to constantly offer the highest quality. We also conduct safety tests with high levels of efficiency, while simultaneously discovering new and known vulnerabilities.

We act impartially
We do not dedicate ourseves to the sale of traditional products (antivirus software, frewalls, IDS / IPS ... - which, nevertheless, allow us that together we can design the best solution and the best recommendations brands of our partners). Thus, we guarantee that you effectively receive information and our recommendations, free from any other interest.

Our experience is based on successful projects
Our consultants have several security IT certifications, having also practical experience based on successfully implemented projects. This allows us to make sure that our analysis and recommendations are not merely theoretical, but are supported / based on a qualified experience.
We know how to make group work . We create and maintain synergies. We value partnerships.

We want to achieve a level of excellence
We strive to achieve high quality in our work. First, we work on many fronts to ensure we maintain quality at a level of excellence. When we finish a project, we subject ourselves to a process of evaluation (by the customer) that allows us to monitor our performed work quality. Although we are satisfied with the work done, we continue to work to increase / improve the services provided quality.
At the end of the task for which we were responsible, our senior consultant, Rui Silva, will reflect together with the client, to assess their degree of satisfaction with the work done. This monitoring allow us constant feedback and simultaneously improve our performance. We rejoice in the degree of excellence achieved so far.

We systematically reflect on the security thematic
Over the years, we have participated in international conferences on information security and computer security and actively contribute to make this a reality. Likewise, we participated with speakers and workshops and carry out a series of events, namely
- ARES (http://www.ares-conference.eu/)
Sparking performs regularly seminars for organizations and clients. This has contributed them to follow the security trends.